Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tales of the Saucy Sue - Episode 2 - The Escape

For the second Lacepunk Scenario the crew of the Saucy Sue have to cross the dock area, with their captive and get to the Sancy Sue herself. The scenario happens and night and vision was reduced to 8".

This is the initial set up with three guards patrolling the area in random patterns, done by using a direction dice and a d4 for the distance moved. Any noise will bring out reinforcements from the main building. Scattered around the area are encounter markers these are set off by anyone coming within 2" of them. These are everything from extra guards, to rabbit hole, to cats or nothing at all.

The crew enter from the road on the top right and immediately use their observant ability to spot the encounters before they are set off. The first they draw is an extra guard. As they spotted him and didn't blindly walk into him, it is assumed he is looking the wrong way and he is quickly and quietly despatched.

The crew split up at this point and are nearly spotted, but the guard heads back the other way before seeing them.

After a brief battle with another guard on the bridge, during which he is thrown in the river. Charity and Ser Theophilius press on to the Saucy Sue. There battle has alerted the remaining guards.

Amongst those waiting in the building was the feared swordsman Sir Sproatley Atwick.

The remaining guards are swiftly dealt with, for that read thrown in the river. I do like some of the combat abilities with Gloire and Under the Black Flag, they give you the right feel for the style of game we wanted.

Sir Sproatley puts up a brave fight injuring Charity badly, but in the end numbers tell and he dives into the river to escape.

The crew board the Saucy Sue and with a favourable wind head off to the interior of Pacifica.

An excellent game and a very good set of rules to use. Hopefully in future games we will bring pieces from other Rattrap games into play.

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