Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tales of the Saucy Sue - Episode 2 - The Escape

For the second Lacepunk Scenario the crew of the Saucy Sue have to cross the dock area, with their captive and get to the Sancy Sue herself. The scenario happens and night and vision was reduced to 8".

This is the initial set up with three guards patrolling the area in random patterns, done by using a direction dice and a d4 for the distance moved. Any noise will bring out reinforcements from the main building. Scattered around the area are encounter markers these are set off by anyone coming within 2" of them. These are everything from extra guards, to rabbit hole, to cats or nothing at all.

The crew enter from the road on the top right and immediately use their observant ability to spot the encounters before they are set off. The first they draw is an extra guard. As they spotted him and didn't blindly walk into him, it is assumed he is looking the wrong way and he is quickly and quietly despatched.

The crew split up at this point and are nearly spotted, but the guard heads back the other way before seeing them.

After a brief battle with another guard on the bridge, during which he is thrown in the river. Charity and Ser Theophilius press on to the Saucy Sue. There battle has alerted the remaining guards.

Amongst those waiting in the building was the feared swordsman Sir Sproatley Atwick.

The remaining guards are swiftly dealt with, for that read thrown in the river. I do like some of the combat abilities with Gloire and Under the Black Flag, they give you the right feel for the style of game we wanted.

Sir Sproatley puts up a brave fight injuring Charity badly, but in the end numbers tell and he dives into the river to escape.

The crew board the Saucy Sue and with a favourable wind head off to the interior of Pacifica.

An excellent game and a very good set of rules to use. Hopefully in future games we will bring pieces from other Rattrap games into play.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The World According to Ruarightania

His Most Beneficent Majesty, King Roderick I of Ruarightania, by the Grace of God most enlightened Monarch of our great Nation and Foe of all Unrighteous, commissioned a map of the worlde. His Royal Cartographer, Erik Duncan, has now completed this map and presents it to the ladies and gentlemen of the court.
Click the image for a larger version.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Introducing the crew of the Saucy Sue

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ... the crew of the Saucy Sue.

Charity FitzCharles
Buccaneer, grade 3
Together with her trusty pistols, Faith and Hope, and her rapier, Caritas, she seeks to turn a profit wherever she can. Charity is the captain of the Saucy Sue and an ex-society hottie from the west country in England. She decided that the standard avenues of advancement open to English ladies were not to her tastes and found her way to Pacifica, using her family heirlooms as currency along the way. She bought the land-sloop Saucy Sue with the last of her money and now makes a living carrying the cargoes that people do not want questions asked about. Charity likes helping people and hitting things.

Ser Theophilus Montanus
Doctor of Letters, grade 2
Ser Theophilus is a neo-primitivist united reformed Lutheran minister sent to convert the natives in Pacifica. He fell in with Charity when he took passage to the interior. Although his mission was a failure in that instance, he approved of Charity's desire to do the right thing. As a result, he chose to stay aboard the Saucy Sue. He travels with the sloop, preaching from the Good Book along the way and working with Charity against the oppressive regime of Charles V to make the lives of the ordinary people better. Ser Theophilus likes reading scripture and smiting things hip and thigh.

Belvie Hawkland
Guardist, grade 1
Belvie is the daughter of a shanghai prostitute and a sailor of uncertain origin, who was sold onto a ship travelling to Pacifica. Her journey into Pacifica was interrupted by an irregular inspection by the Saucy Sue and Belvie quickly joined her rescuers. She is devoted to the rest of the crew and would do anything to protect them. Belvie is the strongarm member of the crew and provides additional muscle to back up Charity. Belvie likes hitting things and then hitting them again.

Sally Pipkin
Foretopman, grade 1
Sally, aka Simple Sally and Sweet Sally, is an able crewperson, though a bit ditzy. Her eyes are sharp and she is most often found in the crows nest keeping watch. She likes fluffy bunnies and hitting things.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tales of the Crew of the Saucy Sue

Charity and her crew have previously carried out some work for Lord Bethany, a supporter of James’ claim to the throne. One of his servants arrives to request your aid. Lord Bethany’s daughter, Katherine Mountjoy, has been kidnapped. She is betrothed to James and is believed to have been kidnapped by men working for the supporters of Charles V. You have been asked to help find and rescue Katherine.
 One of the gang, who are believed to have kidnapped her has been seen near his boarding house. You are to capture him and learn the kidnappers hiding place from him.
Quickly grabbing your crew, you race to where he lives. As you stealthily creep up to the house a movement catches the eye and you see Lord Arnold Frodingham's men heading towards the house.

The initial setup sees the crew of the Saucy Sue enter from the right and Frodingham's men from the left. The red dice are markers for the various encounters.

The crew split with half heading up the hill and half towards the front door. There is brief exchange of fire, but no injuries caused.

Charity uses her her skill in parleying to talk one of Frodingham's men to join her side.

Sally rushes into the building and promptly fails to keep her feet on the slippery floor (failed dodge test). Lord Frodingham's men begin to fight amongst themselves.

Charity rushes in and quickly dispatches an enemy, these grade 1 characters don't last long.

After a desperate battle on the bridge, Charity manages to force her opponent, over the edge of the bridge and into the river below. They eventually find Old Lund, the kidnapper, in the corner of a building and head towards the harbour and the Saucy Sue.

The scenario was fun to play and the Gloire rules work well, giving a great swashbuckling feel to the game, especially push people over bridges.

In the next scenario Charity and her crew will have to get to the ship while Lord Frodgham's men patrol the docks. Rumour has it that he has sent Sir Sproatley Atwick, one of his finest fencers.

To be continued...................

The History of Pacifca

Pacifica and Gateway City

            Pacifica is a continent/island situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Upon it’s initial discovery it was thought to be impossible to land on. The entire landmass is surrounded by tall cliffs, jagged rocks and reefs. Eventually a single entrance was found on the Northern coast. This consists of a tunnel through the cliff, approximately 20m wide x 10m draught x 30m above water level. The tunnel is not natural and has smooth almost glassy sides. Running along side the tunnel and into the wall above it are a series of smaller tunnels and rooms with openings into the main tunnel and the outer wall.

            Once through the tunnel, about 100m in length, it comes into Gateway City. This is a long valley with a large basin in the centre, which is now a thriving harbour. The rocky sides of the valley are cut into terraces. Gateway city extends up the sides of the valley, a thriving place of business, pleasure and intrigue. As a general rule the higher up the valley side a building is, the more prestigious it is.

            When first found the area contained the remains of a city. The buildings, on the whole, were empty and most of the objects found were of unknown use and construction. There is something not quite human about the buildings. There are many tunnels within the walls of the island, most of which appear to have be cut by artificial means.

            Turning back to face the wall surrounding Pacifica and above the entrance tunnel is the palace. This was one of the buildings here already. It is a strange and alien place, yet magnificent and beautiful. The strangeness does not end with the outside of the palace. The immense throne room features a crystal floor, around an acre of a clear material, looking down into the harbour.

            At the far end of the valley stand the vast gates which lead to Pacifica’s interior. Pacifica itself, has a small native population. These strange plantmen gorw on trees, before falling when mature. They avoid the city and caves. They have mainly been friendly.

            The centre of the island is made up of a large salt flat. Strangely these salt flats also continue in a narrow band up to the city itself. This has lead to explorers and merchants using wind and animal powered land yachts to travel around the island.

            Pacifica was first sighted in1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, he was, however, unable to find a way onto the island. This continued to be the way until 1636, when a longboat from HMS Forthright under Captain Obidiah Winthrop, found the entrance. Leaving a small party of men to hold the island. He returned to England to inform them of his discovery. A fuller exploration party returned in late 1639. The original party had moved into existing buildings and begun to explore the country beyond the gates.

            Pacifica remained a minor colony until 1649. Following the second English Civil War, King Charles I and many of his followers and families were sent there in exile. In a storm, during the voyage there, Charles I was lost at sea. Charles II was promptly crowned as King and claimed the land for his own when he landed in Gateway City.

           King Charles II made a good king, wisely listening to his advisors. During his reign Gateway City grew in importance. Explorers into the heart of Pacifica found a tree bark from which the new and desirable spice Pacifina was made. They also found a large spider whose silk would make light and strong rope, this was soon much in demand.

            The reign of King Charles III followed much the same pattern, although the role of the advisors became more pronounced, as Charles III cared little for ruling and much for pleasure. He was followed by Charles IV in 1710, who followed much the same pattern as his father.

            The year is now 1745 and Charles IV has just died. King Charles V is soon to be crowned, but he is unpopular with the citizens of Pacifica. Charles IV’s bastard son, who is called James, is much preferred. He is a Major in the army and currently away exploring Pacifica.

Plots and intrigue fill every dark corner of the land. England and it’s Lord Protector Richard Cromwell-Monck, have spies in the land. They are eager to regain Pacifica and forever rid England of the claim of monarchy. Many other European kingdoms would like to rule Pacifica and it’s wealth. They too are looking for opportunities.