Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tales of the Crew of the Saucy Sue

Charity and her crew have previously carried out some work for Lord Bethany, a supporter of James’ claim to the throne. One of his servants arrives to request your aid. Lord Bethany’s daughter, Katherine Mountjoy, has been kidnapped. She is betrothed to James and is believed to have been kidnapped by men working for the supporters of Charles V. You have been asked to help find and rescue Katherine.
 One of the gang, who are believed to have kidnapped her has been seen near his boarding house. You are to capture him and learn the kidnappers hiding place from him.
Quickly grabbing your crew, you race to where he lives. As you stealthily creep up to the house a movement catches the eye and you see Lord Arnold Frodingham's men heading towards the house.

The initial setup sees the crew of the Saucy Sue enter from the right and Frodingham's men from the left. The red dice are markers for the various encounters.

The crew split with half heading up the hill and half towards the front door. There is brief exchange of fire, but no injuries caused.

Charity uses her her skill in parleying to talk one of Frodingham's men to join her side.

Sally rushes into the building and promptly fails to keep her feet on the slippery floor (failed dodge test). Lord Frodingham's men begin to fight amongst themselves.

Charity rushes in and quickly dispatches an enemy, these grade 1 characters don't last long.

After a desperate battle on the bridge, Charity manages to force her opponent, over the edge of the bridge and into the river below. They eventually find Old Lund, the kidnapper, in the corner of a building and head towards the harbour and the Saucy Sue.

The scenario was fun to play and the Gloire rules work well, giving a great swashbuckling feel to the game, especially push people over bridges.

In the next scenario Charity and her crew will have to get to the ship while Lord Frodgham's men patrol the docks. Rumour has it that he has sent Sir Sproatley Atwick, one of his finest fencers.

To be continued...................