Thursday, 19 April 2012

Introducing the crew of the Saucy Sue

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ... the crew of the Saucy Sue.

Charity FitzCharles
Buccaneer, grade 3
Together with her trusty pistols, Faith and Hope, and her rapier, Caritas, she seeks to turn a profit wherever she can. Charity is the captain of the Saucy Sue and an ex-society hottie from the west country in England. She decided that the standard avenues of advancement open to English ladies were not to her tastes and found her way to Pacifica, using her family heirlooms as currency along the way. She bought the land-sloop Saucy Sue with the last of her money and now makes a living carrying the cargoes that people do not want questions asked about. Charity likes helping people and hitting things.

Ser Theophilus Montanus
Doctor of Letters, grade 2
Ser Theophilus is a neo-primitivist united reformed Lutheran minister sent to convert the natives in Pacifica. He fell in with Charity when he took passage to the interior. Although his mission was a failure in that instance, he approved of Charity's desire to do the right thing. As a result, he chose to stay aboard the Saucy Sue. He travels with the sloop, preaching from the Good Book along the way and working with Charity against the oppressive regime of Charles V to make the lives of the ordinary people better. Ser Theophilus likes reading scripture and smiting things hip and thigh.

Belvie Hawkland
Guardist, grade 1
Belvie is the daughter of a shanghai prostitute and a sailor of uncertain origin, who was sold onto a ship travelling to Pacifica. Her journey into Pacifica was interrupted by an irregular inspection by the Saucy Sue and Belvie quickly joined her rescuers. She is devoted to the rest of the crew and would do anything to protect them. Belvie is the strongarm member of the crew and provides additional muscle to back up Charity. Belvie likes hitting things and then hitting them again.

Sally Pipkin
Foretopman, grade 1
Sally, aka Simple Sally and Sweet Sally, is an able crewperson, though a bit ditzy. Her eyes are sharp and she is most often found in the crows nest keeping watch. She likes fluffy bunnies and hitting things.

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